What are Pilot Aptitude Tests?

Pilot Aptitude Tests are specifically designed tests that demonstrate that you have both the aptitude and traits to succeed throughout the training to become a pilot and throughout your career as a pilot.

The tests are able to predict the future success as a pilot as defined by ICAO’s pilot competencies and will test areas such as your personality, your level of knowledge in areas such as Maths, Physics and English Language as well as assessing physical and cognitive skills.

When are you likely to encounter Pilot Aptitude Tests?

Pilot aptitude tests are a hugely important element along the entirety of the pilot career journey, so if you are either a newly qualified pilot or an experienced pilot there is a very good chance you took pilot aptitude tests prior to being accepted into your flight school and it is likely that you will either have come across them or will come across them as you apply for new captain or first officer positions during the recruitment process. 

This has become even more prevalent with the introduction of EASA’s Medical Fitness Regulation which states that all pilots must receive a psychometric evaluation prior to commencing flying and certain pilot aptitude tests can be used by airlines to become compliant with this regulation.

If you are in the early stages of your journey to become a pilot, then you will be expected to take a series of pilot aptitude tests before joining your chosen flight school.

How is it best to prepare for Pilot Aptitude Tests

It is really important that you take pilot aptitude tests seriously and prepare to the best of your ability. The tests are relied on by airlines and ATOs to predict your success in a role so it is well worth your time to ensure you do as well as possible on the aptitude tests.

A good level of practice, preparation and research will stand you in as good a stead as possible and Pilotbase have partnered with Symbiotics to offer practice pilot aptitude assessments that are tailored to either experienced/newly qualified pilots or for pilots just starting out on their journey.

Taking practice tests can help you to familiarise yourself with how pilot aptitude tests work and the types of questions you are likely to encounter. This can help to reduce test anxiety and help you to perform at the best of your ability during the real assessment.

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