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What is a Pilotbase Airline Snowflake? ❄️

Ben Hall
January 30, 2022
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When you're thinking about applying for a pilot job at a specific company or airline, reading employee reviews gives you unique insight into what the company is really like to work for, and whether you would really want to work for that company. Our Airline Profiles contain a range of information about individual aviation employers, including fleets, bases, pay scales, benefits info, vacation info, command/promotion info, interview gouge and employee reviews.

These are real life pilot experiences working at that company.

Employee Review star ratings automatically update the Airline's Snowflake.

Who can submit employee reviews?

Generally, they're written by former and current pilots and we have a strict set of rules and reporting procedures in place to make sure the reviews are authentic and realistic. At Pilotbase, we pride ourselves on protecting the anonymity of our users, to allow free and open speech and opinion. This is the only way pilots can be completely honest about their experiences. We obviously don't accept aggressive or discriminatory language, profanities, or trade secrets. If you see a review which breaks these rules, please do report them.

So, how do the reviews work?

Submitting a review can be done in one of two ways. Firstly, there's a button on the Airline Profiles search page.

Alternatively, you can click "Add Review" within an airline's profile itself. It only takes about 2 minutes to leave a review, with a lot of the fields being simple selections.

What areas of the company can I review?

  • Overall Employee Rating
  • Pros and Cons
  • Company Culture
  • Pay
  • Lifestyle
  • Management
  • Opportunities
  • Recommend to a friend?
  • Approval of CEO?
  • Positive Business Outlook?

How is the Snowflake made?

Pilotbase's unique snowflake visual is a dynamic chart which is automatically updated with every review received. It takes information from the following ratings: Company Culture, Pay, Lifestyle, Management, and Opportunities. Every review is taken into account, averaged, and displayed.

As soon as you submit your review, the snowflake will have been updated accordingly.

Do the Snowflake colours mean anything?

Yes! We have a clever little algorithm which works out a total rating score for the airline and colour codes the total output accordingly.

Red = Below Average Employee Ratings

Yellow = Average Employe Ratings

Green = Good Employee Ratings

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