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The Pilotbase Podcast

Ben Hall
January 30, 2022
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Amazing aviation stories from around the world.

And we really mean the whole world - we've got amazing guests from America to Zambia and loads of cool places in between.
We're an easy listening podcast, with the aim to inform and entertain listeners with aviation related stories, advice and discussions.
You don't have to be a pilot to listen! We don't get too technical with anything, and chat about everything aviation - not just piloty things.

What's the format?

The Pilotbase Podcast will be available in all the usual places you can find your podcasts.

Hosted by Dave Rogers (with absolutely no knowledge of aviation) and co-hosted by Pilotbase CEO Ben Hall, we chat with amazing aviation professionals from around the world. The conversations cover everything from military aerobatics through to how to start an airline.

Each episode is between 30 and 60 minutes, so perfect for binge listening during layovers.

Ali Al Wahabi's Iraqi Airways ID Card

A little insight into our first guest

We're kicking the year off, speaking to Captain Ali Al-Wahabi.

Who is Ali and why are we chatting to him?

Ali has just hung his wings up after a 40 year career, having amassed over 24,000 hours in the sky. He has flown for airlines the world over, however his most adventurous/scary/memorable [delete as applicable] job was as Saddam Hussein's Presidential pilot. Ali recounts his amazing story of how a daring man, who flew close to the fire, looked into the face of evil, got away, and manages to maintain his integrity, sanity, and sense of humour in a world gone mad with international intrigue, security threats, and shifting loyalties.

Launching 1st Feb 2021
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