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Pilotbase global airline interview experts, Pinstripe Solutions - Partner to help pilots prepare to get the job

Kirsty Anne Ferguson
July 4, 2022
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Every pilot we know, hates the airline interview process. Why? Because it’s a stressful day. As a pilot, talking about yourself and your experience, is something you only ever do at an airline interview and, it does not come naturally.

My name is Kirsty Anne Ferguson, owner of Pinstripe Solutions and my team and I are excited to collaborate with Pilot Base as their airline interview experts. We help pilots to prepare for and build confidence heading into airline job interviews and our tips and training are now available to Pilotbase members.

Airline interviews are complex and highly competitive. But it comes down to this: Every pilot that is invited to interview (after you pass psychometric testing phase) is rated by the airline, as being capable of flying the aircraft or being trained to fly the aircraft.

Getting hired or passing the assessment day is directly related to your level of preparation. In fact, airlines tell us that they know in the first 5 minutes of the interview if a pilot has done the right preparation. We also know that some globally renowned airlines ask pilots point blank during the interview if they have used Pinstripe to prepare. Why? Well, to quote one:

“It shows they are highly motivated to get the job and has done everything in their power to make our job as assessors, easier”. Second Officer Interview – 787, 2022 Recruitment Team

Here’s a way to test your current level of preparation Can you explain, without using opinions…

- How you handled negative feedback?

- Can you successfully talk through a scenario handling a fictious stubborn captain not willing to take on extra fuel? (Top Tip: and there is more than one response required)

- Can you confidently explain a mistake you made mid-flight, that is not a deal breaker?

- Do you know what conflict situation is safe to share at an airline interview and why?

- Do you know how the Airline HR team scores you on the day?

We do. Pinstripe Solutions prepares pilots for airline interviews for over 45 carriers globally.

Over the past 20 years we have developed a 360-degree interview preparation system for pilots, using checklists and SOP’s that are easy to follow. Not only does our system make you feel 100% prepared, it also makes you, an easier candidate for the Airline HR team to assess because you know how the recruitment team need the questions answered.

Those airlines include;

  • Emirates, Qatar, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Virgin and Cathay as well as Scoot, Bamboo, ANA and Jetstar.
  • In Europe we’ve coached pilots for roles in Wizz Air, Aer Lingus, BA, Lufthansa, EasyJet, Ryanair and DHL.
  • And in the US airlines such as Atlas, PSA, Piedmont, Gojet, Breeze and Spirit to name just a few.

We take the mystery out of how to answer the questions powerfully and give you SOP’s to manage the other exercises on the assessment day:

- Group Exercises

- Psychometric Testing

- Scenario Questions

- Behavioural/competency based or STAR HR interviews

- On-line ‘live’ interviews

- Recorded airline interviews

- Sim Assessments

We are your sounding board, your coach, and your cheer squad.

You will see our blog posts regularly on Pilotbase, where we tackle the issues, pilots are most concerned about, because we talk to pilots around the world every day.

We are available ‘on-demand’ via our video course, or online for individual coaching. There are no silly questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us, we and Pilotbase are here to help you succeed.

Kirsty & the Pinstripe Team

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