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1. Pilot Sourcing

Since launching in 2020, we have had over 100,000 pilot users visit our platform, with over half a million page views. We have a database of thousands of registered pilots looking for work, and a large, rapidly growing social reach on both LinkedIn and Facebook.

To compliment our massive reach throughout the aviation community, we have a team of talented, experienced pilot recruiters who and are able to quickly source experienced, qualified, and motivated flight crew members for your operation.
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2. Screening and Vetting

To ensure our process is effective, we put a lot of effort into really understanding your company and the roles you're offering. We endeavour to provide you with the very best pilots we can find, who are a great fit for your company.

Our initial screening uses your mandatory and preferred requirements to filter candidates. Flight crew licensing can get very complicated, so our recruiters have an intimate knowledge of pilot licensing and air operations regulations, meaning we know exactly when a candidate meets your specification.

Once a candidate passes our initial filter, we conduct a screening of their pilot license and logbook to ensure all they information provided is correct. This provides you with immediate peace of mind that all candidates going through your interview process are qualified, experienced and competent.
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3. Testing & Interviews

With a wide range of available testing and interview options, we work closely with you to determine the most appropriate recruitment funnel for your operation. This can range from a simple interview, all the way through to group exercises and simulator checks.

We've recently partnered with world-leading aviation psychometric test provider Symbiotics to provide EASA and UK CAA compliant psychometric assessments, which can be administered online and ensure compliance with CAT.GEN.MPA.175.

Based on your requirements, we provide a bespoke package of assessment.

You can contact us to find out about all the options we have available.
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4. Applicant Shortlisting

The shortlisting process is an important part of the system, as it helps to ensure that only the best candidates are considered for the role.

Once applicants have progressed through the various hiring stages for your role, we complete a comprehensive report for each candidate. We then provide you with a shortlist of applicants who we believe are a great fit for your company.
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5. Managed Hold Pool

Quite often when hiring flight crew, applicants are accepted in principle but not provided a start date straight away. This may be due to administrative restrictions, training capacity, or some other reason.

We provide a managed hold pool for successful candidates. This is a service whereby:

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