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We're building some great tools to make your life so much easier and better. Automatic job matching and expiry tracking will be available soon!
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Get the education, insights and inspiration you need to succeed in your career.
Our pilot career resources help you understand your options as a pilot, and gives advice on how to get to where you want (and deserve) to be.
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We are strong believers in working together with top aviation companies to provide the best tools and services for pilots. These are the fine people we're currently working with:
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What Pilots are saying about us

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Quietly surprised...Thanks Pilotbase
ā€The global pandemic really has shifted the aviation market, making a super secure career like being an airline pilot turn into a carnage of redundancies, layoffs & furloughs worldwide. With airlines halving fleet sizes and employee numbers job seeking platforms like PilotBase have never been so ā€œin demandā€ like now. Like many fellow aviators I found myself in that very position after a successful 14-year career as a Captain in the Middle East to being made redundant and looking for a job!

PilotBase was recommended to me via an ex-colleague, not one of the big ones I thought?ā€¦.so why not & searched for the website!

I found the user interface, general layout & accessibility of the website & its mobile variant very easy to navigate. I searched for a few positions and was very impressed with the variety of jobs on offer. After just one submitted application using the PilotBase interface for a position, I set out to wait.

About 2 months later thanks to PilotBase I am now employed by Bamboo Airways, back to a LHS role on an Airbus! Super impressed with the service, variety and quality of the site I would recommend PilotBase to anyone!

Personally, I am truly grateful to PilotBase as it helped me get back to my passion during this season of COVID-19ā€¦. why not try them today!
Capt. Nigel Narrara - Bamboo Airways
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star
Easiest to use Pilot Job Platform
Having been made redundant from BA during Covid, I have turned to online and IOS Apps for pilot job hunting. PB is the easiest to use and from what I can see is updated with most if not ALL the jobs available. I can thoroughly recommend it - it is well worth it. Also they seem to filter the scammers.
Alex Duncan
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star
Really clever platform that finds genuine...
Really clever app that finds genuine opportunities. Easy to use and eel supported would highly recommend to other aviation professionals.
SFOĀ Ian David Bond
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star
A welcomed change to pilot recruitment
In the short time PilotBase has been operating, it looks like it is going to change the way of pilot recruitment for the better. An easily navigated interface, with great support and response to queries, it seems to be showing genuine job vacancies with additional info. The support features such as CV builder and up to date Aviation news are features that other platforms donā€™t seem to have the same level of. I look forward to the future additions in due course.
FO Michael Burgess - Loganair

About Us

We don't believe in "if it's not broken, don't fix it". The world has changed a lot in the last 30 years, and aviation recruitment simply hasn't kept up. Currently, it's just about functional....but that's it. The process is resource heavy, time consuming and pretty frustrating for everyone involved.

Why bother trying to constantly patch up an outdated system? It's time for change!
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