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How it works

It doesn't matter whether you have a Pilotbase account, or a LogTen account - this simple guide will get you set up in just a couple of minutes. Put your CV on Autopilot!
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Once you're in your Pilotbase profile, navigate to the Logbook page using the account navigation.


Now you're on the Logbook page, simply click "Connect a Logbook App" button.


If you have a LogTen account already, select that option and complete the connection flow.

If you want to sign up to LogTen, do it through Pilotbase, and get 3 months free!

Press Release

Coradine Aviation Systems and Pilotbase Announce Ground-Breaking Integration to Help Advance Pilot Careers

LogTen pilot logbook integration with Pilotbase streamlines job search for pilots at a critical time as aviation industry starts to recover

Portland, OR USA – April 27, 2021 – Coradine and Pilotbase are pleased to announce the integration between LogTen pilot logbook and the Pilotbase pilot job platform, enabling pilots to automatically connect their LogTen Pro flight data to their Pilotbase job profile.

The integration enables a pilot’s information from LogTen Pro to appear and update automatically on their Pilotbase profile, including total flight time, PIC time, and sim time grouped by aircraft type. Not only does this eliminate the need for frequent manual updates from the pilot, it also reassures recruiters that applicant information is accurate and current - making life easier for pilots and employers alike.  

Ben Hall, CEO at Pilotbase said, “Pilotbase is proud to be working with Coradine to make the recruitment process easier for pilots and recruiters. The integration between our game-changing job platform and the world’s leading electronic pilot logbook will save time, money and aggravation for all. Working together, our technology is pushing the boundaries of the recruitment process and helping pilots make the most of their career options in a challenging environment.”

“Feedback from our beta test group has been very positive, with pilots easily connecting LogTen Pro with their Pilotbase profile and immediately seeing the time-saving and career-enhancing benefits of the integration,” added Noah Lieberman, CEO for Coradine. “We’re excited to launch it publicly now so that all pilots and recruiters can benefit as the industry ramps up post COVID.”

Beta tester and commercial pilot Aaron Feathers said, “The ability to link LogTen to my profile is a game changer. The profile accurately displays the hours from LogTen Pro broken down into aircraft type flown and presents all the relevant information in a clear, concise and aesthetically pleasing way on the [Pilotbase] website. It makes it so much easier than having to go through my logbook manually and look for the totals on each type then type them out on to a CV or otherwise. It benefits the pilot as it's quick and easy to set up and the data is transferred within minutes (seconds in my case).”

LogTen for iPhone, iPad, and LogTen for Mac is available with a free trial in the Apple App Stores.

Pilots can sign up to Pilotbase and create their personal job profile here, gaining access to the latest job listings, career advice and other pilot content absolutely free of charge.

About Coradine

Coradine transformed pilot operations with the introduction of the world’s first pilot logbook for Mac in 2004 and iPhone in 2007. Today, Coradine leads the world in professional logbook software, helping make pilots' lives easier and safer, while reducing paper use and the environmental impact of aviation around the globe. Our commitment is to make the world’s best electronic tools for pilots, and to do our part in helping create a sustainable future.

About Pilotbase

Pilotbase is a dynamic platform designed to support pilots throughout their career and revolutionise the recruitment process. We are on a serious mission to be the global leader in connecting pilots to great jobs, as well as providing amazing tools to keep them on top of their careers. By leveraging the best minds in aviation and technology to create smart digital solutions, we’re working to completely transform the pilot recruiting industry and make the process painless for everyone involved.

LogTen Pro Pilot Logbook Dashboard screen on iPhone
Pilotbase Pilot Profile Screen on iPhone, linked to LogTen Pro
Connected to Logten Pro Pilot Logbook