Answering the Frequently Asked Questions about Pilotbase
What is Pilotbase?

Pilotbase is a data-driven online platform which helps pilots maximise their career. Because it's built by pilots, we know the industry inside and out, and we understand the unique challenges pilots face when searching for jobs.

Pilotbase was started during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to help struggling pilots find employment by providing resources and advice to get them through a very tough time for the industry.

How does Pilotbase work?

Pilotbase offers a range of tools to help pilots get informed about the aviation employment market, match to available jobs, and give them the best chance through the application and interview process.

First and foremost, Pilotbase is a secure platform to store and manage pilot data including everything from licenses and logbook information, to training records and employment history.

Pilotbase's smart tools are built around the pilot data to provide output personalised to each pilot. Just like a Flight Management System, the more accurate the data input, the better the outputs.

How does Pilotbase use your data?

Your data security is our number one priority. We have built our platform using industry leading security protocols to ensure it's super secure, and we definitely don't share your data for any marketing purposes. We are building Pilotbase to be a connected platform, integrating with other platforms to create incredible products tailored just to you. Any data shared outside our platform will be expressly asked for by the pilot themselves, and the pilot will have full oversight and control over what is shared, and to whom.

How does Pilot Job Matching work?

Our unique algorithm is a two-stage process.

First up, we check the job requirements against 20+ data points in your profile to see if you're eligible for the role. This includes elements such as Total Time, PIC Time, License Authority, License Type, Type Ratings, and Class Ratings. Our system is smart, knows the intricacies of licensing around the world and adapts accordingly. For example, it knows that a CPL < fATPL < ATPL, and that a EU country license is part of EASA, which is part of ICAO.

Secondly, we run your matched jobs against your job preferences. The result is a complete list of pilot jobs which match your qualifications and experience, grouped by whether or not also they match your preferences.

Never search for jobs again - just sit back and let the matching do it's magic 😀.

Can employers see my information?

There is a toggle in the Pilot Dashboard to "Allow employers to find me". When this toggle is set to "on", it allows employers to see your basic aviation information and employment history as part of their searches. None of your personal information or contact details are seen by the employers, so you remain anonymous.

There's two reason behind this method:
Firstly, it protects your identity and personal data security.
Secondly, it reduces the hiring bias of the recruiter, allowing them to search purely on qualifications and experience.

If an employer shortlists your profile, they can reach out to contact you via Pilotbase - they tell us that they are interested in you and we pass that information on to you, allowing you to contact the employer on your terms.

What is an Airline Profile?

An Airline Profile is a wiki style page for aviation companies, showing information which is important to pilots when researching companies to work for. We currently have information on 250+ operators, with our dataset constantly growing.

Pilotbase has a huge repository of data including Pilot Pay, Employee Reviews, Rosters, Interview Gouge, Fleets, Bases and much more. We have a team working to compile this data, but also appreciate user input for new or updated info.

Are Employee Reviews Anonymous?

When submitting an employee review, the information is displayed to other users without any identifying information about you, other than your rank, and how long (roughly) you've worked at that company, based on the information you provide.

If you are logged in as a user when submitting a review, we are able to know who posted a review, but we never share this with anybody unless legally bound to do so.

If you're not logged in, or don't have an account when submitting a review, we do not have any identifiable information about you.

We have clear guidelines on what shouldn't be included in a review, and we recommend staying balanced, polite, and fair, even when posting negative reviews.

How does the CV builder work?

What should a pilot CV include?

Nobody seems to know..... so we have done the legwork for you. The Pilotbase team have got together with expert pilot recruiters around the world to understand exactly what is required in a pilot's CV.

But here's the best bit - our Pilot CV builder creates a perfect pilot CV for you in seconds.

The Pilotbase CV builder takes all the information from your profile and formats and displays it exactly how recruiters want to see it.

Select your template, check all your info is correct, make a few personal selections, and click the button. It really is that simple.

What is the Pay Calculator?

Pilot pay is a complicated business. Every airline in every part of the world pays pilots in a slightly different way. This can make it really tricky to understand exactly what to expect as a pay cheque each month.

The Pilotbase Pay Calculator allows you to choose the pay elements, input amounts and time periods, and then we do all the calculations for you.

You can see the total package, and graphical representations of how that pay is divided.

How does the Expiry Tracking work?

Pilots have a lot of things to track. Licenses, Medicals, English Proficiencies, Ratings, Training Courses, Endorsements - the list seems to be endless.

Anything with an expiry date in your Pilot Profile is tracked, and a timely reminder is shown on your dashboard when something is about to expire, or has expired.

How much does Pilotbase cost to join?

Pilotbase is completely free to join and start using the platform.

With a basic free plan, you get a full pilot profile which allows you to be found by recruiters, and means you can use most of the platform's features, such as expiry tracking, viewing 3 Airline Profiles, and creation of 1 CV.

The Ultimate plan provides you with everything in the basic plan, but adding Automatic Job Matching, Unlimited CVs, Unlimited Airline Profile views, and use of the Pay Calculator.