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LogTen Pilot Logbook

Why Pilotbase loves this product:

LogTen is the world leading pilot digital logbook, loved by pilots worldwide. Logging flights is super easy, with apps available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iWatch. There are loads of reports and logbook styles which can be produced in seconds.

Benefit Description:

LogTen Basic (iOS): 12% Discount (ongoing!)

LogTen Pro (iOS & Mac): 23% Discount (ongoing!)

LogTen makes pilot life easier through its super fast flight logging, detailed analysis of your flight time with the Analyze view, and powerful InSight technology that monitors all your upcoming flights and warns you of any currency / limit issues.

And all your irreplaceable flying life is backed up to your choice of iCloud, Dropbox, or both!

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STEP 1: Start by downloading LogTen to your devices:

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store

STEP 2: Click here to create/sign-in to your account and the 3 month trial and discount will automatically be added to your profile!*
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You can then try out LogTen for a full 3 months and purchase at the discounted rate when you’re ready.

And our support team is standing by to help make importing your existing flight data easy – we import electronic data for hundreds of pilots a month!

*Available to new accounts only

Already have LogTen? If you already have an account or have questions, please contact with the subject “ATTN: Airline – Account Check” and we will ensure you are getting the best deal possible.